Pilot dies in air show crash

A pilot was killed after his plane crashed at the Klerksdorp airshow.

Smoke can be seen after an L-39 Albatross crashed at the Kelrksdrop air show on 30 June 2012. Picture via twitter @cptweather

JOHANNESBURG - A well known pilot was killed on Saturday in a plane crash at the Klerksdorp air show.

It is understood the National Defence Force plane crashed and burst into flames after executing an aerial maneuver.

A witness said the L-39 Albatross was flying in formation with another.

"They were in an aerial display when one of the planes just fell to the ground. There was a huge explosion."

Netcare 911's Jeff Wicks said, "After firefighters doused the crash site, the pilot's charred remains were found. He died on impact."

No one was hurt on the ground, but the show has been temporarily closed.

Organisers of the show will decide whether to continue with the event.

Brian Eminess, an announcer at the show, said consultations are underway with the colleagues of the pilot who died.

"One must understand that it's a colleague these pilots have flown with week after week. So we will make a decision on whether to proceed with the show or not."