Petrol price to decrease

The price of petrol will decrease by 85 and 89 cents a litre next week.

Sigh of relief: There will be some reprieve for consumers when the petrol price drops for a second consecutive month next week.

JOHANNESBURG - The Energy Department on Friday announced a petrol price decrease of between 85 and 89 cents a litre.

The drop comes into effect on Tuesday midnight.

A litre of 95 unleaded petrol will cost 89 cents less, while 93 unleaded will go down by 85 cents.

Diesel will go down by 62 cents and paraffin 58 and 77 cents respectively, for the different types.

This is the second consecutive decrease after months of several increases.

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Neren Rau said the drop is welcomed.

"Our businesses have been under substantial pressure in terms of the cost of doing business.

"A reprieve on the petrol price is coming at an appropriate time."