Police nab blue-light suspects

A special operation has successfully apprehended six suspects of a blue-light brigade.

A special operation has successfully apprehended six suspects of the blue light brigade.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police confirmed on Wednesday they have successfully apprehended six suspected blue-light robbers.

They recovered several assault rifles and a siren allegedly used in the crimes.

The arrests were made during a special operation held in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

It appears that one of the province's most wanted suspects could be amongst those in custody but there has been no official confirmation of this.

In May, motorists were urged to help police net the blue-light gangs that were operating in Gauteng.

In recent months, several reports surfaced that bogus cops were using blue-lights in hijackings.

More patrol cars were deployed to highways and police claimed they were changing their operations to catch up with these criminals.

The police's Phumzo Gela told Eyewitness News the gangs strike mostly at night and drivers need to take steps to stay safe.

"Our advice is that if a vehicle looks suspicious and is not marked motorists should find the nearest police station or garage.

"In the event that they cannot do that they must get the full details of the vehicle."

In a basic scenario, a car full of men pull alongside a car and use the blue lights to pull the vehicle over.

Clad in a bullet-proof vests and reflector jackets with the word "POLICE" emblazoned on the front, the bogus cops signal for the driver to exit the car.

The victim is then ordered to accompany the 'cops' to the police station, but is left on the side of the road while the bogus officers make off with the car.