'Pippie' could return home soon

Doctors say Pippie is healing well after groundbreaking surgery.

Isabella 'Pippie' Kruger with her mother Anice.

JOHANNESBURG - Doctors treating burn victim Pippie Kruger said on Wednesday the little girl is likely to go home next week.

The three-year-old, who sustained third degree burns on more than 80 percent of her body, underwent a cloned skin transplant earlier in June.

He surgeon Ridwaan Mia confirmed that Kruger was doing well.

"The burns are healing very well and I am very happy with her progress so far."

Her mother Anice Kruger said the little girl was showing positive signs of recovery.

"It's still itching, but there's no infection marks, no oozing or blood clots or anything like that."

Around 40 pieces of specially cloned skin was flown in from the United States.

The cloned skin had a 24-hour shelf life and was rushed to Garden City Hospital after a 21-hour flight from Boston, earlier in June.

The skin was transplanted to her back, face, chest, arms and legs, which Mia confirmed was a complicated procedure.