'Second transition' is ANC concept - Zuma

President Jacob Zuma said he is always worried about the state of the country.

ANC President Jacob Zuma at the party's policy conference in Midrand on 26 June 2012. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN

MIDRAND - President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday said the idea of a "second transition" is an ANC proposal and is not identified solely with him.

Zuma came out strongly in support of the "second transition" concept last week.

He was answering questions at the party's 2012 policy conference in Gallagher Estate, Midrand.

Zuma stressed the issue of economic transformation throughout Tuesday.

He said the policy conference is vital for the country, particularly for the poor.

"If this conference does not come to any conclusion, it will be the ANC failing to take the decision on a matter that the party needs to make a decision on."

Zuma also said that no one can deny that the economy has not helped the poor in South Africa.

He said it is a personal mission of his to tackle poverty.

"Every day as I wake up, my worry is what do you do with the conditions [of the country]?"

Zuma also said the ANC diagnosed the problems of corruption in the party, and it must now find solutions to resolve its issues.


Zuma said the current structure of the economy is not sustainable.

He said the ANC has not done anything significant to change the economy even though it has been the ruling party for nearly two decades.

"The structure of the apartheid economy has remained largely intact."

Zuma said the ANC has to use its position of power to overhaul the economy.

"The time has come to do something more drastic to accelerate change towards economic transformation."

Zuma called for debate and open engagement on the ANC's policy issues, but he emphasised the importance of discipline.