Police dig up Ketani's grave

Police are hoping to find evidence to help them with Ketani's murder case.

The grave site where Betty Ketani was buried in concrete. Picture: Chris Colingridge/The Star Newspaper.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News learnt on Monday that police have returned to a Kenilworth house to excavate the shallow grave, where Betty Ketani was buried 13 years ago.

Investigators are hoping to find forensic evidence to help with the murder case.

Six men were arrested in connection with her death, after a confession letter was found under a carpet in the house.

Police admitted it was a long shot, but have returned to the house where Carrington Laughton's confession letter was found, and where Ketani's body was originally buried.

As the shovels dug in and cleared away the soil, the shape of the narrow shallow-grave emerged.

It is believed the gang poured cement into the grave, but returned five years later to break it up and dispose of the body.

Investigators are hoping to find some evidence to bolster the case, perhaps a piece of clothing or some dried up blood.

Three of the suspects are expected to hear judgment in their bail applications on Friday.

Prosecutors in the Ketani murder case said on Thursday, the authenticity of the confession letter could no longer be denied as every detail it contained had checked out.

Three of the accused appeared in court on Thursday to continue their bail application.

The state revealed its mystery witness last week which turned out to be Laughton's ex-wife.

She confirmed his handwriting and handed over 20 photographs, which were kept in a safe and mentioned in the confession.

Laughton's ex-wife told police she was doing her civic duty by coming forward, but said she feared for her life should Laughton be released on bail.

Laughton said anyone who claimed to fear him is living in a dream world.

He also rubbished claims that he threatened one of his co-accused.