Jogger found dead on Sandton streets

Police are trying to determine identity of a jogger was found dead on Sandton streets

Running shoes. Picture: Supplied

SANDTON - Police on Monday said they were investigating the death of a man in Sandton, northern Johannesburg after drivers noticed his body lying on the side of the road.

A woman who was passing by saw the man lying on the pavement on Fir Street before one 1pm on Monday.

"It looked like a jogger. But it didn't look like he was hurt. There were four or five people standing around him."

James said the body appeared to have been left there for several hours.

"Later on at about 4:45pm, the body was still lying there, but in a body bag."

Police initially told Eyewitness New s they believed the man was a homeless person sleeping on the pavement.

They have confirmed that he was a jogger who passed away.

They said they were trying to determine more details.