Sea Point phone lines still down

Sea Point residents have been without telephone service for the last few weeks.

Telkom. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Sea Point residents said they wanted answers from Telkom as to why their telephones have been down for the past few weeks.

Eyewitness News has received numerous calls from residents whose phone lines were down.

One resident said he wanted the problem to be fixed soon.

"I have noticed that the Telkom technicians have been digging up the road here for the last two weeks, but there doesn't seem to be any movement. Lots of elderly people live in the area and are dependent on their telephones. This is a problem."

"People are very frustrated because they feel as though they're not getting any answers from Telkom. When you phone they just say 'it's a cable fault, we're attending to it.' That's acceptable for a day or two, but not ongoing like it is."