Khayelitsha police accused of negligence

An inquiry into alleged negligence by police has been referred to the national police commissioner.

Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer. Picture: SAPS.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police Commissioner Arno Lamoer on Friday said an inquiry into alleged negligence by Khayelitsha police has been referred to the national police commissioner's office.

He has received a document from the Social Justice Coalition and Premier Helen Zille's office, detailing alleged poor performance.

It includes claims of officers refusing to open domestic violence cases, lost dockets and sloppy investigations.

The coalition said this has resulted in some cases being thrown out of court.

Lamoer said it is a very serious matter.

"If there's evidence of police officers not doing their jobs properly, or officers who are involved in illegal activities, we will take action against them."

Meanwhile the coalition's Angie Peter said they have experienced this problem for years.

"Police are not taking domestic violence cases seriously."

Earlier this week, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) revealed that police officers are not implementing the Domestic Violence Act.

According to Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, only 3,000 out of 180,000 officers get Domestic Violence Act training annually.