Cold case in court

Suspects in the cold case murder will today appear in court.

The site where Betty Ketani was believed to be buried.

JOHANNESBURG - The Johannesburg Magistrate's Court will on Thursday hear about an alleged threat made by one of the accused in the Betty Ketani murder case.

Details about a mystery witness in the case should also emerge in court on Thursday.

Ketani was killed 13 years ago, while the case lay dormant until a confession letter was discovered under the carpet of a Kenilworth home.

Six men were subsequently arrested.

The last two court appearances were derailed by claims that the author of the confession letter threatened another suspect.

The announcement of a mystery witness had a hand in the postponement of proceedings.

Suspect, Paul Toft-Nielsen, has already secured bail, but has now accused Carrington Laughton of intimidating him while they were both in custody.

Laughton is due to respond to this on Thursday but faces an uphill battle in trying to secure his freedom.

He maintains his innocence.

Two of the suspects who are both police officers and brothers are also due to resume their bail application.

A week ago prosecutors were due to reveal more information about a mystery witness who came forward at the eleventh hour, but before the hearing could begin, a signed statement by Toft-Nielson disrupted proceedings.

He had confessed to the crime.

It is not yet clear what information and details are contained in his statement, but the document could impact bail proceedings.

Lawyers representing Toft-Nielson needed more time to respond.

Last week, the Rosebank Mall management refused to explain the circumstances surrounding the closure of Cranks, the restaurant where Ketani worked.

Mall management said the owner closed the shop just days after the news of the cold case broke.

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