Cold case bail application postponed

Prosecutors in the Betty Ketani murder case were due to reveal a mystery witness.

The possible grave site of Betty Ketani.

JOHANNESBURG - Three men in the Betty Ketani murder trial will have to wait until Thursday to continue with their bail application.

The three, along with three other co-accused, were arrested after a confession letter was discovered hidden beneath a fitted carpet in a Kenilworth home, south of Johannesburg.

The mother-of-three was abducted and killed 13 years ago.

It is believed her abduction and murder were linked to her job at a Rosebank restaurant.

On Tuesday, prosecutors were due to reveal more information about a mystery witness who came forward at the eleventh hour.

But before the hearing could begin, a signed statement by one of the accused derailed proceedings.

The document was written by suspect Paul Toft-Nielsen, who has already confessed to the crime.

It is not yet clear what information and details are contained in his statement, but the document could impact bail proceedings.

Lawyers representing the alleged author of the confession letter said they need more time to respond.

On Thursday, Rosebank Mall management refused to explain the circumstances surrounding the closure of Cranks, the restaurant where Ketani worked.

Police believe the murder was carried out to silence Ketani, who was embroiled in a fight over wages.

Mall management said the owner closed the shop last week Monday, just days after the news broke.

While media reports in 2011 said the owner was planning to relocate to Thailand, the timing has fuelled speculation that the two events might be linked.