Nelson Mandela Square fire extinguished

A pizza oven may have caused a fire at the popular Piatto restaurant.

The cause of a fire in Sandton on Monday is unknown.

JOHANNESBURG - A pizza oven chimney caused a fire at the popular Piatto restaurant in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City management confirmed on Monday.

Two fire trucks and a metro police van were dispatched to the busy northern Johannesburg mall to extinguish the blaze.

No injuries were reported.

The centre's Sharon Swain said officials believe the fire started at the back of a pizza oven.

"That caused a whole lot of smoke to permeate through the building."

Some of the smoke filled corridors inside the shopping centre, resulting in an evacuation.

Firefighters made use of an abandoned shopping trolley to hold used fire extinguishers and placed that as an automated message to tell shoppers inside to move to the nearest exit.

Emergency personnel and security guards then cordoned off the area.