Union claims Post Office strike not over

Communication Workers Union say the strike is not over while the Post Office disagrees.

Casual workers protest during the Post Office strike.

JOHANNESBURG - Communications Workers Union (CWU) on Sunday said a large number of its casual workers have not returned to their posts after a march to the Union Buildings earlier this week.

Union members handed over a memorandum calling for an end to labour brokering.

The memorandum was handed over to the departments of communication, public enterprise and labour.

The CWU said government should provide the Post Office with more funding after management claimed it could not afford to employ more permanent staff.

The union's Aubrey Tshabalala said an agreement to end the four-month long labour dispute was never reached, despite it being reported by the media.

"We are demanding the Minister of Finance to give the Post Office sufficient funding to permanently employ the casual workforce. A large number of workers are not back at work because they have not accepted the current agreement."

But the Post Office's Janrus Kotsi denied the claims and said all casual workers were back at work.

"They were back at work after Thursday's march. We have an interim arrangement and a long term solution that we are busy working on. For now they will remain as casual workers."

The government have until Thursday to respond to the union's demands