ILC declares wage dispute

Government and public sectors employees failed to reach wage agreements.

Members of the South African Municipal Workers Strike during a wage increase and housing allowance strike, trashing the streets. Picture: Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - The Independent Labour Caucus (ILC) on Friday said public sector unions have declared a dispute with government over salary packages.

Government wants to give employees a 6,5 percent pay increase, but the ILC is willing to settle for between 7 and 7,5 percent.

Unions also want an increase in the housing allowances.

ILC spokesperson Chris Klopper said they were forced to declare a dispute.

"That was the only available option. We had to force the employer back to the negotiating table and to enable us all to conclude an agreement."

Meanwhile, municipal wage negotiations have also deadlocked.

The third round of talks between the South African Municipal Workers' Union and the Local Government Association failed to resolve the impasse.