Community to discuss deadly love triangle

Witsand community leaders will meet with locals after 60 foreigners were forced to flee the area.

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CAPE TOWN - Witsand community members and politicians will meet to discuss a deadly love triangle, an Atlantis councillor said on Friday.

On Thursday evening, around 60 foreigners were forced to flee the area after they were threatened by locals.

The displaced residents took refuge at a local police station.

This follows the murders of a South African and a Zimbabwean man, who had apparently been involved in a love triangle.

Local councillor Barbara Ras said, "The situation is calm. The foreigners have not returned to the area yet."

In 2008, foreigners were forced to flee their homes due to xenophobic attacks across South Africa.

Violence first broke out in the Alexandra township in northern Johannesburg.

At least 62 people were killed and 670 injured in the violence.