Court hears more Cold Case bail requests

Police say they need eight months to wrap up the Betty Ketani murder case.

Police believe this to be the site, where Betty Ketani was buried in concrete after being killed 13 years ago. Picture: Chris Colingridge/The Star Newspaper

JOHANNESBURG - State prosecutors in the Betty Ketani murder case are expected to tell the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Wednesday that police will need at least eight months to finish the investigation.

Three of the six men arrested for the murder committed 13 years ago are due to continue their bail applications.

Eyewitness News revealed how the men were arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Betty Ketani after confession letters were found hidden under a carpet at a house in Kenilworth, southern Johannesburg.

The letters were signed by one of the accused and informed police of where to find visual and oral evidence of how Ketani was murdered.

The letters also contained details about the abduction cases of at least two other victims.

A missing persons case was registered after Ketani disappeared in 1999, but the case went cold.

The state is objecting to the bail applications, and has read a lengthy statement from one of the investigating officers on the case to the court.

Prosecutors are likely to cover the part of the letter that deals with the gang's alleged history of violence and intimidation.

Police have also revealed that at least another four suspects are being sought, and that eight months or more will now be needed to wrap up the case.

On Monday, two of the accused were released on bail while one abandoned his bail application without giving any reasons.