Accused cops deny involvement in cold case

Two murder accused said they helped transport a woman from hospital but denied abducting or harming her.

The site where Betty Ketani was intially buried. Picture: Chris Colingridge/The Star Newspaper.

JOHANNESBURG - The two policemen implicated in a murder committed 13 years ago admitted they helped transport the victim from hospital, but denied kidnapping or hurting her in any way.

On Monday, the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court heard bail applications of the six men arrested for the murder of Betty Ketani.

The arrests came after confession letters were discovered hidden under a carpet at a Kenilworth house in May, which one of the accused used to rent.

The letters informed police of where to find visual and oral evidence in connection to Ketani's murder, and the abduction cases of at least two other victims.

A missing persons case was registered after Ketani disappeared in 1999, but the case went cold.

It was a day of revelations, with the state showing many of its cards and the defence delving into the private lives of those in the dock.

The two policemen, who are brothers, said they helped transport a woman from hospital to a bus station.

The pair said there were no signs the woman was being abducted, and described the State's case against them as "non-existent".

Police believe after Ketani had survived an attempt on her life, she was kidnapped from hospital and then killed before being buried in a shallow grave at the Kenilworth house.

Investigators said a wage dispute between the mother of three and the owner of a Rosebank restaurant where she worked was the motive behind the murder.

Two of the accused have been released on bail, while a third abandoned his bail application without giving any reasons.

Prosecutors did not oppose bail, which was set at R20,000 each.

The case will continue on Wednesday.