Lolly estate case postponed indefinitely

A Czech company claims murdered strip club boss Lolly Jackson owes it US$1million.

A Czech company linked to Radovan Krejcir's mother has claimed one million US dollars from deceased Lolly Jackson's estate.

JOHANNESBURG - A claim on the estate of murdered strip club boss Lolly Jackson was postponed indefinitely in the South Gauteng High Court on Tuesday.

A Czech company linked to businessman Radovan Krejcir's mother claimed US$1 million (R8 million) from Jackson's estate.

Legal representatives from Nadezda Krejcir's company, DRK Invest, appeared briefly in court in order to postpone the matter.

They insist that Krejcir himself is not involved in the application and rather, his mother and her company are behind the claim.

According to court documents, Jackson borrowed money from the company and signed an acknowledgment of debt form.

He allegedly promised to pay the money back by February 2012.

But lawyers for Jackson's estate believe the document was forged.

Jackson was killed in a 2010 hit at a house in Kempton Park on Gauteng's East Rand.

In April 2012, Krejcir's fraud trial was put on hold after the state provisionally withdrew the charges against him.

Krejcir was accused of trying to obtain a R4.75 million insurance payout from Liberty Life.

The claim was based on a falsified medical report submitted by urologist Dr Marian Tupy.

Meanwhile, Jackson's alleged murderer George Louka is fighting his extradition to South Africa.

On Friday, a Limassol court in Cyprus decided that Louka must be extradited within 15 days, but he has two weeks to appeal the decision.

Louka is also wanted on charges of theft, fraud and possession of stolen property.