Case against Serb fugitive postponed

The extradition case against Dobrosav Gavric was postponed to July.

Justice in action

CAPE TOWN - The extradition case against Serbian fugitive Dobrosav Gavric was on Tuesday postponed to July by the Cape Town Magistrate's Court.

Gavric fled his home country to avoid a 35-year jail term for the murder of three people, including a suspected warlord.

South Africa has declared him a prohibited person.

Gavric entered the country in 2007, using the false name of Sasa Covic Chevik.

The Serbian fugitive was wounded during the drive-by assassination of underworld boss Cyril Beeka.

He was behind the wheel of Beeka's car at the time and was arrested in December, soon after his release from hospital.

Gavric was refused bail in 2011 and the Home Affairs Department also denied him refugee status.

He faces various charges of fraud and possession of drugs.

His lawyers have asked for a review of the department's decision to not grant him asylum, placing his extradition proceedings on hold until the review is finalised.