Ketani killed over work dispute

The accused in the Betty Ketani murder spent Monday applying for bail at the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court.

Betty Ketani was allegedly murder 13 years ago.

JOHANNESBURG - Betty Ketani was allegedly murdered because she was embroiled in a dispute with the restaurant where she worked at.

Earlier in 2011, six men were arrested for her murder after a confession letter was unearthed from under a carpet at a house in Kenilworth, south of Johannesburg.

On Monday, the suspects spent the day applying for bail in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court.

Prosecutors read the confession letter into the record, as well as a lengthy affidavit by investigating officer Gerhard Pretorius.

According to officials, Ketani was abducted and killed to prevent her from taking the stand in a CCMA dispute involving a popular Rosebank restaurant.

Police said the restaurant owner is the father of a suspect who is yet to be arrested.

The court also heard the contents of a confession made by one of the two accused released on bail.

In his application, Carrington Lawton revealed that he publishes a motoring website.

He also tried to convince the court that he was not a flight risk.

Lawton, who is the alleged author of the confession letter, believes the state's case against him is weak.

He said there was little objective evidence to prove his involvement in the murder.