Cold case suspects to apply for bail

Police are likely to reveal details of 13-year-old crimes when men accused of murder apply for bail.

A copy of an ID book, allegedly belonging to a woman who was killed 13 years ago and buried at a Kenilworth house. Picture: Chris Collingridge/The Star Newspaper

JOHANNESBURG - Police are expected to reveal details of a 13-year-old crime spree on Monday, when six men accused of murder and kidnapping apply for bail.

Eyewitness News revealed how the men were arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Betty Ketani, after confession letters were found hidden under a carpet at a house in Kenilworth, southern Johannesburg.

The confession letters described how the mother of three was killed.

A missing persons case was registered after she disappeared in 1999.

The letters were signed by one of the accused and informed police of where to find visual and oral evidence in connection to Ketani's murder, and the abduction cases of at least two other victims.

A lengthy affidavit by the investigating officer in the case is expected to be revealed on Monday.

The document contains details of evidence gathered by police, and is the main reason bail applications were not able to go ahead the last time the accused were in court.

The defence teams have now had a week to study the affidavit.

It is understood the accused will not testify during their bail applications and will rely on their own affidavits.

Five men were arrested over five days in May, and the sixth was arrested after appearing in an identity parade earlier this month.

Two policemen are among the suspects.

The letters were found by the new homeowner who was installing new carpet for a tenant.

The letters revealed incriminating details of kidnappings and murder.

Ketani was initially buried in a concrete grave at the Kenilworth house, but her body was later moved.