ANC to boot DA out from WC - Fransman

The ANC is likely to boot the DA out of power in the Western Cape, according to Marius Fransman.

ANC. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape ANC chairman Marius Fransman said his party is likely to boot the DA out of power in 2014.

He was speaking after the party's Western Cape general council over the weekend.

The meeting highlighted key focus areas, including limited services in poor areas, high incidents of foetal alcohol syndrome and unacceptable school drop-out rates.

Fransman's statement was a direct contradiction to comments from the party's alliance partner Cosatu a week ago.

The trade union federation's Zwelinzima Vavi warned that the Democratic Alliance was gaining on the ANC and could make a strong showing in the next general elections.

He said this was largely due to general disillusionment with the ruling party.

But Fransman said the party was poised to regain control of the Western Cape by reaching out to coloured people, focusing on the Khoisan land issue and forging closer relations with the province's large Muslim community.

Meanwhile, Free State University Rector Jonathan Jansen said Cosatu's views on non-African students at local universities should never be up for discussion.

The federation believes the high number of international students blocked access to local students.

Jansen said the topic can be considered as xenophobic and should therefore not even be discussed.

Jansen said local students were not being denied entry in favour of foreign students.

"There was only 7,000 students from outside of Africa and here we having a discussion about foreign white students. Since when does a university talk about students in terms of national origins? That is just blasphemous in university language."

Jansen said in no way were international students a threat to locals.