Prison officials want CCTV cameras installed

Prison officials say CCTV cameras will help bring down the rate of murder and rape in cells.

Offenders at Leeuwkop Prison. Picture: Taurai Maduna/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Officials from the Johannesburg Prison said government must install CCTV cameras inside cells to combat murder and rape.

Correctional Services deputy commissioner Zacharia Modise addressed Parliament's Portfolio Committee in Cape Town earlier on Friday.

He said many crimes were committed at night, making it difficult for warders.

Committee chairperson Vincent Smith said Johannesburg Prison was not the only correctional centre that asked for CCTV cameras.

He said Western Cape officials recently launched a public participation process on the issue.

Last week, Smith inspected Gauteng prisons and expressed his concern over the lack of training provided to inmates.

He said prisoners often become repeat offenders because they leave jail with no skills.

Later in June, Smith will submit his findings to Parliament.