Louka to be extradited

A Cyprus court on Friday ruled that George Louka will be extradited back to South Africa.

The entrance to Limassol District Court. Picture: Sarah Fenwick

CAPE TOWN - A court in Cyprus has ruled that the man accused of killing strip club owner Lolly Jackson must be extradited back to South Africa.

George Louka has been fighting his extradition in Limassol.

His lawyer Sofroni Sofroniou said judgment was handed down a few minutes ago

"The court decided that he must be extradited to South Africa by law after 15 days."

Louka has two weeks to lodge an appeal.

His lawyer said he still has options to challenge the decision, which means he may not be extradited for a few months at least.

Louka is accused of shooting Jackson at a house in Kempton Park in May 2010.

He fled South Africa shortly after the murder and was arrested by Cypriot officials in March this year.

At the time of his arrest, Louka was also wanted for theft, fraud and possession of stolen property.