OUTA prepares for ConCourt

OUTA are readying themselves should the ConCourt uplift the e-toll interdict.

Many organisations have pushed for the tolling system to be scrapped entirely.

JOHANNESBURG - The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) said on Wednesday it was combing through documents it received from government.

OUTA hopes to submit new affidavits ahead of the Constitutional Court battle against the controversial e-toll project.

It emerged on Wednesday the court will decide on 15 August whether to allow government to appeal an earlier decision to halt e-tolling.

The state has until mid July to finalise its application, while the alliance will respond by the end of July.

If the application for leave to appeal is granted, the matter will be heard immediately.

"We are busy looking at the records which we have now received, then we can decide whether to file supplementary affidavits in that regard," said lawyer for the alliance, Pieter Conradie.

During April, the North Gauteng High Court granted an urgent interdict to halt the Gauteng e-tolling project, pending the outcome of a full legal review.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in May appealed to the Constitutional Court to uplift the interdict.

Gordhan voiced concern of a possible negative financial impact.

Government was also worried that its credit rating could take a dive if it could not repay the loans taken out to fund the system.

If the system went ahead, motorists would have had to part with over 35c/km when making use of some of Gauteng's freeways.