Sheryl Crow not worried by tumor

Sheryl Crow says she's not worried about her benign brain tumour.

American singer Sheryl Crow. Picture: AFP.

LOS ANGELES - Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year but she does not worry about it because it is benign, the singer-songwriter told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In a story posted on the newspaper's website on Tuesday, Crow, whose hits include "All I Wanna Do" and "Soak Up the Sun," said the tumour was discovered when she went to a hospital to be tested because she was experiencing memory loss.

"I haven't really talked about it," she told the newspaper's nightclub and entertainment reporter Doug Elfman, "In November, I found out I have a brain tumour. But it's benign, so I don't have to worry about it. But it gives me a fit."

A representative for the singer was not immediately available for comment.

Crow told the Review-Journal that she has a history of memory loss dating back to the 1990s when she forgot the lyrics to her hit "A Change Would Do You Good" while singing in a show in Las Vegas.

"I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). And I found out I have a brain tumour," she said. "And I was like, 'See? I knew there was something wrong."

She made headlines in May when she forgot words to "Soak Up the Sun" at a show in St. Petersburg, Florida. Onstage at the time, she joked, "I'm 50. What can I say!"

Crow, who has two children, was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2006, which was successfully treated that year.