5 Gauteng cricket bosses dismissed

Five Gauteng Cricket Board directors, including administrator Ray Mali, have been dismissed.

Cricket administrator Ray Mali. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News has learnt that tensions between local cricket clubs and the Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB) have reached boiling point, with five directors, including administrator Ray Mali, being dismissed.

Disgruntled clubs told Mali and Cricket South Africa (CSA) on Monday evening, that they wanted to manage Gauteng cricket themselves.

The GCB was placed under administration by suspended CSA boss Gerald Majola's team, after the board raised questions about the infamous Indian Premier League (IPL) scandal.

In 2009, CSA executives received undeclared bonuses from the IPL tournament.

Gauteng cricket is now facing a revolt from its member clubs.

The Alexandra Cricket Club chairman, Daniel Phetla, delivered a dismissal letter to Mali's office on Monday.

In the letter, Gauteng clubs took a majority decision to dismiss five board directors.

They said they wanted CSA to rescind its decision to place the GCB under administration.

The clubs believe the decision was taken by the former CSA board whose governance standards have since been found to be inadequate.

Former Gauteng board member Keith Lister said the clubs have asked him to facilitate the change.

He said the right for clubs to control Gauteng cricket has for a long time been denied by CSA.

In March, the Nicholson Inquiry found that Majola contravened the Companies Act by not declaring the paid bonuses to the CSA or its remuneration committee.

It is understood there are a number of issues within Gauteng cricket, including allegations of favouritism and slow transformation.

The national cricketing body said its lawyers would look into the matter.