CT negotiates Phillipi land deal

Officials said they could not provide the necessary services to residents of Siyahlala informal settlement.

Philippi residents demonstrate over service delivery issues on 4 June 2012. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Officials on Monday said they could not provide services to residents of Siyahlala informal settlement in Phillipi as the land they occupy is privately owned.

Earlier, some 200 residents protested over the lack of service delivery in the area.

The situation turned violent after they damaged robots and street lights at the Duinefontein and Lansdowne intersection.

Police were deployed to area and authorities were forced to use tear gas to disperse protesters.

The city said it had entered into an agreement with national government, where they agreed to acquire the land.

The municipality's Ernest Sonnenberg said court action appeared to be delaying the process.

"The Department of Land Reform and Rural Development and the owner are in court over the price of the piece of land."