Nigeria declares 3 days of mourning

A plane crashed in Nigeria killing 150 people.

Plane crash. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has declared three days of mourning after a passenger plane crashed in Lagos.

The Dana air flight, carrying at least 150 people, was heading to Abuja when it hit a two-storey building and burst into flames on Sunday.

Several houses caught alight and it remains unclear how many people were killed on the ground, but rescuers have found at least ten bodies in the building.

Mohammed Sani-Sidi, a director at Nigeria's National Emergency Agency said rescue operations was ongoing.

"The situation is highly devastating…All efforts are being put together to ensure that a full rescue is carried out. "

The accident came after another plane crashed on Saturday night in Ghana.

A cargo plane overshot a runway and hit a passenger bus, killing at least ten people.

The Allied Air cargo plane had departed from Lagos and was to land in Accra.