Informal settlements are an example of land grabs - Analyst

Informal settlements across the country are an example of land grabs, said a political analyst.

Riemvasmaak, a Northern Cape informal settlement about 54 kilometres from Kakamas. Picture: Nathan Adams/Eyewitness News

PRETORIA/CAPE TOWN - Informal settlements across the country are an example of land grabs, said political analyst Dr. Somadoda Fikeni on Saturday.

"Even if South Africa doesn't follow the Zimbabwe dimension, we should always be reminded that the reason for informal settlements is because of land grabs. The only distinction is that it has mainly been an urban phenomenon [in South Africa]".

Fikeni was responding to a statement made by ANC Youth League Deputy President Ronald Lamola - in which he said Government needs to urgently address land reform.

Lamola was addressing a policy workshop in Centurion on Friday evening.

He said government is seemingly losing control of the situation, and added that it was only after mass action by Zimbabwean citizens, that Zanu-PF responded to the issue.

"We must come with a radical policy to ensure there is land redistribution, without compensation, in this country. If that does not happen, we will have a situation like land grabbing," said Lamola.

Meanwhile, the Breede River Valley Municipality in the Western Cape issued notices to more than 100 Worcester residents, who have illegally invaded council land.

The Zwelethemba community started to erect their shacks on Friday, on a piece of land earmarked for a major housing development project.

Muncipal manager Gerrit Matthyse said the city is doing all it can to remove the dwellers.

He said notices were issued to inform them to vacate the area, as they are occupying the land illegally.