Films board to decide on 'The Spear'

The City Press and the Goodman Gallery made representations about 'The Spear' to the board on Tuesday.

FPB to decide on 'The Spear' classification.

PRETORIA - The Film and Publication Board will on Friday release its decision on the classification of a controversial portrait of President Jacob Zuma.

The City Press and the Goodman Gallery made representations to the board about the 'The Spear' painting Brett Murray on Tuesday.

The FPB board said it would go ahead with classifying the picture because it felt it had a duty to protect children.

It did this despite hearing arguments that the painting no longer poses a threat after being defaced by vandals.

Following several hours of submissions by the City Press, the board conceded it could not make a ruling against newspapers.

The classification means the image will carry an age restriction and future publication will be limited.

The gallery and the newspaper have since both agreed to remove the image from their websites.

Earlier this week, the ANC and the gallery held talks which ended in the ruling party deciding to drop its legal challenge against the continued showing of the portrait.

The gallery agreed not to display the painting, which has been sold to a German man for R136,000.