Post Office defends guards

The Post Office says its guards had to open fire at unruly employees

Post Officer workers strike. Picture: EWN

PRETORIA - The South African Post Office on Thursday defended the conduct of its security guards who allegedly opened fire on protesting employees in Pretoria.

Police arrested six security guards for firing live ammunition at demonstrators on Wednesday.

Eight people were hurt in the incident.

The police's Pinky Tsinyane said the guards face charges of attempted murder.

"Police were called to the scene and managed to calm the situation."

The Post Office's Janras Kotsi said the guards had no option but to open fire.

"The employees were stoning Post Office property which had to be protected. There were several warning shots were fired to stop what they were doing."

The South African Post Office's mail delivery has been affected by a strike which began almost two months ago.

Workers who are employed through labour brokers are demanding to be made permanent.