ID parade to be held in cold case

Two men have come forward to reveal more details on the gang that killed Betty Ketani 13 years ago.

Betty Ketani's concrete grave.

JOHANNESBURG - Police told Eyewitness News on Monday they were hopeful two men who claimed they were abducted and tortured 13 years ago will be able to identify their attackers in a line up on Wednesday.

The men were allegedly kidnapped by the same gang that murdered Betty Ketani, whose case was cracked after aconfession letter was discovered hidden under a carpet in a Kenilworth home.

Five men, including two police officers were arrested earlier this month and are due to apply for bail on Friday.

The team investigating Ketani's murder hope an identity parade will strengthen their case against her alleged killers.

The confession letter, which explains Ketani's death, also details how two men were abducted.

One of the men was abducted on three separate occasions.

Police have managed to track down the two men and hope they will turn out to be important witnesses.

While the pair had opened a criminal case, the case went cold and was not linked to the murder until earlier this year.

It also seems the state will be opposing bail on Friday at which point a court order forcing journalists to protect the identity of the suspects should fall away.

More arrests are expected ahead of the trial.

The owner of the home where the bundle of letters including the confession was found was installing new carpets to accommodate his new tenant, when the discovery was made.

"We were so intrigued, standing there. We were sweating, you know, and I said don't drip sweat on the papers because you're going to damage them."

The homeowner passed the information onto the police, who spent weeks piecing together the puzzle, tracing cold cases and finally pouncing on their suspects.

The gang is alleged to have killed Ketani and buried her behind the house where the letter was found.

Later the gang was forced to break up the concrete grave to dump the Ketani's body elsewhere.

It also appears that they had tried to kill her previously but failed, forcing them to falsify medical documents and hire a special van to kidnap her from hospital and finish the job.

The letter was handed to authorities two months ago, and arrests were made in May.