Greenpeace considers legal action

Greenpeace could lay charges against a security company following Tuesday morning’s protest.

Greenpeace activist beats a drum in demonstration outside the IDC offices in Sandton.Picture: Tshepo Lesole/EWN

SANDTON - Greenpeace on Tuesday said it could lay charges against a security company that manhandled activists and attacked journalists at a protest in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

Activists were demonstrating against the expansion of nuclear energy into Africa at the opening of a continental conference on Tuesday morning.

The protest started with only four activists who chained themselves to the gates of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).

Security guards responded with batons and hit the chains until they broke.

The activists were then dragged inside the property.

Greenpeace campaigner Ferial Adams said, "We were just locked to the gates. The guards behaved as if we were going to attack them."

When other demonstrators arrived with refuse bags labelled "nuclear waste", guards turned on journalists.

They threw the bags at reporters.

Traffic in the area was also affected.