Burnt South Africans buried in Qatar

The South African citizens that were burnt in a Qatar mall have been laid to rest in the country

Mosque. Picture: AFP

DOHA - Two South Africans who were killed in a fire in Doha on Monday were laid to rest on Tuesday afternoon.

Nineteen people, including 13 children, died in the shopping mall blaze in the Qatari capital.

Shameega Charles, a 29-year-old teacher and 18-month-old Umer Emeran were among the victims.

They were buried in accordance with Muslim funeral rites.

Former local journalist Scheherazade Safla told Eyewitness News that authorities were only told very late that children were trapped inside the building.

"People were evacuated almost immediately. The fire broke out around lunchtime. Later on they were informed that there were children outside."

Safla said the building served as a child nursery, and a place where parents dropped off their children before they did their shopping in the area.