'Child rape crisis' in the spotlight

The Democratic Alliance says it is concerned with South Africa's 'child rape crisis'.

The DA told Parliament it is concerned with the country's "child rape crisis" on May 28, 2012. Picture: Stock.xchang

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Monday said government needs to put the needs of children first.

Speaking in Parliament, the DA's Mike Waters said he was concerned by South Africa's "child rape crisis".

According to the party, rape and abuse statistics were "frightening", despite a lack of detailed figures.

In 2011, at least 28,000 cases were reported.

This means that at least 77 people, mainly women and children, are sexually violated across South Africa on a daily basis.

The DA said children were the most vulnerable and drastic measures were needed to address the issue.

The briefing comes on the second day of Child Protection Week.

The annual campaign aims to raise awareness against the abuse of children, and helps communities determine whether their children are being abused.

The programme runs until June 3.