'Patriarchal society fuels gender violence'

The Social Development Department says our patriarchal society continues to fuel violence against women.

Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Social Development Department on Friday said South Africa's patriarchal society continues to fuel violence against women.

According to officials, these attacks occur in all communities.

Social Development MEC Albert Fritz said girls need to be brought up to understand that men are not the dominant gender.

He said the idea that women should be dependent on men is a thing of the past.

The MEC believes men think they have more power, which often leads to abuse against women.

"We still let our boys do the gardening and the girls wash up the dishes. We need to start changing that in our homes."

Recently, a gender forum was established to help other groups deal with women abuse.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has made it clear that it will oppose the Traditional Courts Bill.

The proposed law aims to give senior traditional leaders the power to make legislation and enforce sanctions in villages.

The opposition party believes rural women will be disempowered if the bill is passed in its current form.