Manyi stands by censorship claim

Govt says SA was robbed of important visuals after eNews decided not to show Malindi crying.

The Spear - Cropped. Picture: Stephen Grootes/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Government on Thursday said it stood by its statement on the eNews Channel coverage of 'The Spear' court case.

On Thursday, Advocate Gcina Malindi broke down and cried during proceedings in the South Gauteng High Court.

The case relates to artist Brett Murray's controversial portrait that shows President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed.

The court ordered that _eNews _could not broadcast the footage of Zuma's lawyer in tears.

However, government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said the recording would have shown South Africans the deep pain and emotion expressed by Malindi.

"The issue that we were raising is censorship by the eNews Channel, before the judge made his ruling. It robbed the nation of a very important visual, which would have settled this matter."

Zuma lodged the application to have the image removed from Johannesburg's Goodman Gallery and the City Press website.