Chikane marks Africa Day

Former presidency director-general Frank Chikane said Africans needed to be liberated from foreign domination.

Africa Day

CAPE TOWN - Africans need to be liberated from foreign domination, former Presidency director-general Frank Chikane said on Friday.

He made the comments at an Africa Day lecture at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Bellville.

Chikane also tackled leadership and challenges facing those in power.

He said Africa's decision making abilities and policies were still being dominated by Western powers.

Despite Africa being rich in resources, the continent was still very dependent on foreign domination and money, Chikane said.

He suggested the United States and other Western states had a stranglehold on Africa because they could cut off much needed aid.

Meanwhile, many people took to social networking sites to commemorate the day.

Lucky Mahlangu wrote "[African] Countries [are] holding democratic elections. This should be celebrated."

@Sentletse ‏asked, "Can white folk explain why they still can't speak African languages, never mind correctly pronouncing our names."