'Holy Motors' screened at Cannes

"Holy Motors" is directed by French film maker Leos Carax.

Australian actress Kylie Minogue and French Actor Denis Lavant arrive for the screening of "Holy Motors".

CANNES - Cars talk, a man is married to a monkey and Kylie Minogue contemplates suicide in Holy Motors, easily the oddest movie in competition at the Cannes film festival screened so far this year.

Directed by French film maker Leos Carax, the story follows Mr Oscar, a man who spends each day living 10 different lives, each mapped out for him in a dossier left in the back seat of the stretch white limousine he travels in.

In the morning he is a rich businessman leaving his luxury home for work. Next he dresses up as an old woman beggar on the streets of Paris.

Each hurried change involves elaborate costume changes and make up in the back of the limousine, and leave Oscar, played with superhuman energy by Denis Lavant, increasingly exhausted as the day wears on.

As to its meaning, critics and journalists struggled to agree.

"What the heck does it all mean?" wrote Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw in his five-star review, before proceeding to seek to unravel the enigma of Holy Motors.

Carax, whose last full-length feature was Pola X in 1999, declined to answer when asked at a press conference what the movie meant, and merely shook his finger.

In response to a question about the different movies referenced in his film, he said, speaking in French:

"Obviously if you decide to live in that little island which is cinema, it is a beautiful island that has a big cemetery. So sometimes you go to the cemetery."