Family relieved after 13 painful years

The family of a woman, who was killed 13 years ago, remember their daughter as a lively person.

A copy of an ID book, allegedly belonging to a woman who was killed 13 years ago. Picture: Chris Collingridge/The Star Newspaper

JOHANNESBURG - The family of a woman, whose murder may have finally been solved through the discovery of a confession letter, said the last 13 years have been painful.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News revealed how five men, including two policemen, were arrested for the crime.

The confession and arrests lifted the lid on a gang, allegedly involved in several other abductions.

Betty Ketani was a 37-year-old mother of three.

She was raised in the Eastern Cape but worked in Johannesburg.

Her brother Mankinki said she was full of life.

"She was a very smart lady. She used to dress up quite a lot."

In 1999, Ketani vanished after she was allegedly embroiled in a dispute with the restaurant where she worked.

The confession letter claims she was kidnapped and shot at, but she survived the incident.

Later, she was snatched from a hospital and killed.

Until Thursday, the family had no idea where the body was.

"What breaks our heart is the way they buried her," Mankiki said.

The five suspects will appear in court on Friday and Ketani's family will attend proceedings.