'Zuma portrait constitutes hate speech'

President Zuma’s kids speak out against the image depicting their father with his exposed genitals

'The Spear' defaced. Picture: Gareth Brown/iWitness

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News understands President Jacob Zuma's children will argue that 'The Spear' painting constitutes hate speech.

According to legal papers, the painting dehumanised and humiliated their father and the family.

Artist Brett Murray's controversial portrait shows Zuma with his genitals exposed.

The papers were lodged ahead of Thursday's court case in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

A full bench will hear the matter.

The case will involve Zuma, the ANC, the Goodman Gallery and Murray.

The legal papers were signed by Zuma's daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla on behalf of his children.

She said the public display of the portrait was degrading and humiliating.

Zuma-Sambudla said it was abominable to speak of or to see the private parts of her parents in her culture.

She also said her sisters are actors and are fully aware of artistic matters.

They insisted that the painting is not art.

Zuma's lawyers filed papers in court to have the image removed from both the Goodman Gallery and the _City Press _website.

According to the president's legal documents, he wants a blanket ban on the image.