Calm restored to KwaThema

After a violent protest over increased electricity tariffs on Wednesday, calm was restored in KwaThema.

Police patrol the street after a violent protest. Picture: Taurai Maduna/ Eyewitness News

KWATHEMA - Calm has returned to the KwaThema township after Wednesday's violent protests.

Residents demonstrated over increases in electricity tariffs in the area.

Police used tear gas to disperse protesters, who earlier looted shops and burnt tyres.

The community planned to march to the municipal offices, but clashes broke out when police intervened.

Large boulders are blocking the streets and broken bottles can be seen everywhere.

Burnt tyres and garbage could be seen on the streets on the East Rand township.

Residents told Eyewitness News they were angry because they would no longer receive free electricity.

Previously, residents were given 100 free units and were then charged for the balance.

Police are now patrolling the streets to ensure that the situation remains peaceful.