CT bosses unveil new development plan

Cape Town city bosses unveil a new plan which has been approved by government.

Cape Town. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town city bosses on Tuesday unveiled a new plan giving them a clear picture where development will happen next.

The spatial development framework has been approved by provincial government after six years in the making.

The old plan has been described as "chaotic" because it included conflicting views from municipalities that no longer exist.

Mayoral committee member for Planning, Belinda Walker, said, "What is does, is it takes the space that is Cape Town and lays out very clearly where we think it is appropriate for different kinds of development to take place and where development should not take place in protective areas, for example conservation or heritage areas."

She said the expansion of the MyCiTi bus service is helping urban development along the West Coast corridor.

"What we are finding it that already; houses are being advertised as being close to a system. They have got added value. It will make Atlantis what it should be which is a suburb of Cape Town, rather than a small town."