Lolly lounges rife in Gauteng

Police raided a number of lolly lounges in search of missing girl, Beranice Link.

The missing teenager, Berenice Links.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng residents were urged on Monday to be on the lookout for drug dens known as 'lolly lounges'.

It is alleged that teenage girls are given drugs and used as sex slaves.

The allegations comes amid fears for the safety of 16-year-old Beranice Link from Coronation in western Johannesburg who went missing earlier in May.

Several houses were raided last week, after police received a tip off that Link was seen in one of the drug dens in Kliptown.

Link's family spokesperson Ronnelle Johnson-Hoskins said recent raids have been successful.

"In the last two weeks ten kids have been removed from the lolly lounges," Johnson-Hoskins told Eyewitness News .

"These lolly lounges are quite well known to the community."

Different types of drugs including heroin and mandrax are smoked by visitors to lolly lounges.

Lolly lounges were dubbed so because the shape of the glass bottle used to smoke substances like crystal meth and tik mimics the shape of a lollipop.

Girls develop serious drug addictions at lolly lounges and are used as bait to lure men to part with their money for drugs and prostitution.