Guns are dangerous - Gun Free SA

Gun Free SA said it hoped people would think twice about owning guns following the Centurion shooting.


JOHANNESBURG - Gun Free South Africa on Saturday said an incident in which a Centurion man accidently shot and killed his daughter, during an attempted house robbery, showed that guns did not protect people from criminals.

The man faces a charge of culpable homicide.

None of the robbers have been arrested at this point.

Gun Free SA's Pam Crowsley said, "I just hope that other people, who hear about this incident, can take to account that firearms are a danger to children."

The man heard dogs barking and decided to go and fetch his gun.

On his way to the bedroom he heard footsteps and shot his daughter on the head, thinking it was the robbers.

The suspects managed to get away while the seven-year-old died later in hospital.