'The Spear' is pure prejudice - ANCWL

The ANCWL expressed its distaste with the portrait of President Jacob Zuma, with his genitals exposed.

The Spear. Picture: Artist Brett Murray

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress Women's League expressed its distaste regarding the controversial portrait of President Jacob Zuma on Sunday.

The artwork, titled The Spear, is displayed at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg and features the president with his genitals exposed.

The women's league said the painting violates the president's integrity, and wants the painting removed from the gallery.

"The painting is extremely insensitive and an expression of pure prejudice"

Spokesperson for the women's league Troy Martens said the circulation of the image is an insult to all patriotic South Africans.

Brett Murray's artwork has caused a nationwide uproar, with the ANC, the Presidency and the Congress of South African Trade Unions calling it disrespectful.

Meanwhile, the ruling party approached the South Gauteng High Court for an interdict against the Goodman Gallery and the City Press Newspaper, because it says their pleas to have the painting removed have fallen on deaf ears.

But the gallery insists it will not remove the image, adding that being forced to remove an artwork, someone's expression of freedom, would amount to censorship.

The artwork will be on display until June 16.