Medication distribution issues to be resolved

Problems with the new service provider distributing chronic medication will be resolved by June.

Medication. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Health Department on Thursday said problems with its new service provider distributing chronic medication, will be resolved next month.

The department appointed UTI-Pharma in April.

The company has been experiencing teething problems, resulting in patients having to wait long hours at clinics for their medication.

Eyewitness News previously reported about problems at Lady Michaelis Community Health Centre in Plumstead, where some patients were turned away and told to return the following day.

The department's Faiza Steyn said there were challenges that needed to be dealt with.

"Where there are no parcels, that is still a significant challenge. It seems to be improving at certain sites and deteriorating at other sites. It will come back to normality in June."