Part-time staff take on Post Office

Part-time Post Office personnel have been on strike for three months.

Saccawu protesters gather outside Cosatu House.

JOHANNESBURG - Casual employees affiliated to the South African Post Office gathered outside the Congress of South African Trade Unions' Cosatu House in the Johannesburg city centre on Wednesday, ahead of their anti-labour brokers march.

The workers have been on strike for over three months, demanding they be hired by the Post Office on a permanent basis.

An estimated 100 employees, some wearing red bibs, are singing and chanting outside Cosatu's headquarters in Braamfontein.

Earlier, a driver of a Post Office vehicle was almost pulled out of the vehicle by the protesters, but he managed to escape the clutches of the crowd.

The workers have demanded that the labour federation help in getting them permanent jobs at the Post Office and for management to stop using labour brokers to hire casual employees.