WWF Living Planet Report released

The WWF says the continuous demand for resources is taking its toll on eco-systems.

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The global assessment of the Earth's ecological footprint shows it takes one and a half years for the Earth to regenerate renewable resources that people can use.

WWF's Dr Morne du Plessis said, "At the moment, we are consuming as if we need one and a half planets to sustain ourselves."

The fund's Saliem Fakir said the South African government appeared to be taking note.

He said officials are discussing policy issues.

"Climate policy is now strongly linked to economic development. I think the policy conversion has been ongoing for the last two to three years."

In December, Durban hosted the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) conference.

Over 130 ministers from across the globe took part in the climate change conference.

Delegates agreed to negotiate a new and more inclusive treaty, and the establishment of a Green Climate Fund.